Sunday, December 3, 2017

Interview Segment on the New Screen Savers

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviewed on an episode of the New Screen Savers.  I brought along a handful of recent creations from the workshop:

I also dragged along a few characters in costume:

The show was fun to shoot and you can see the whole thing here:

My segment starts at about the 51:50 point.  Check it out and be sure to leave a comment!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 2017 UFO Sightings in the Workshop

I'm doing a terrible job on the bloggage front, but in the workshop, stuff is definitely going on.  So just to make sure you don't think I'm slacking, here's this month's round-up of Un-Finished Objects around the shop...

First off, there's the E-22 heavy blaster rifle carried by the Scarif "shoretrooper" stormtroopers in Rogue One.  At this point I've finished prototyping and molding and I've cast a complete rifle.  Here it is in black primer and waiting for a real paintjob:
First Completed E-22 in Black Primer

While I've been tinkering with that, I've also been working on the helmet of the Goddess Thor:

Chrome Helmet Face

The wings are cast separately, so I'm keeping them separate until I'm finished painting them:
Chrome Ears 2

Work also continues on the T-60 Power Armor from Fallout 4:
T-60 With Lewis Front

I still have to prototype the rubber parts and work out the rigging for the hands, but for now I've been stalled for a moment while I experiment with different paint schemes:
Family Portrait 1

The other day I decided to spend a few minutes on some sewing projects.  Among other things, I made a pocket:
Hip Pouch Test Fit

So now I guess I've taken the flametrooper project off of the backburner:
Hip Pouch and Reference

Finally, because I had the 3D printers sitting around with nothing else to do, I cranked out a Covenant Carbine from the Halo video games:
Carbine Test Fit 1

So there's still a steady stream of prototyping, preparation, molding, casting, sewing, design, cleanup, painting, and more going on.  Sooner or later I'll do some proper writing too.

Stay tuned...

Monday, July 31, 2017

Thor, the Goddess of Thunder Part 2: Molding the Helmet

At the end of the last post on this project, I had three shiny helmet parts.  The first one looked like so:

The other two pieces looked like this:
Ear Wings

Tacked together in a hurry, they looked kinda like this:
Thor Helmet Prototype

The problem: the carved and polished prototype helmet is way too thick, way too heavy, and way too pink.  So it was time I turned it into this instead:
Assembled Thor Helmet

For details on how it was done, read on...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Thor, the Goddess of Thunder Part 1: Prototyping the Helmet

My shop robots had some free time lately, so I got them working on something new carved out of some leftover MDF I had sitting around: 
Lady Thor Helmet Parts Carving

After a couple of miscalculations, I finally assembled a helmet with a size that I like:
Lady Thor Helmet Parts assembled

Before the day was over, I soaked it with primer:
Lady Thor Helmet Primed

The next day I got started cleaning up some of the details:
Lady Thor Helmet Detail Cleanup

After a bit of bondo work, it was looking pretty good:
Lady Thor Dome Reshaping

If she be worthy...  #thor #cosplay #ladythor

Lady Thor Helmet Rough Left Side

Here's the wings after a bit more love with a file and some sanding blocks:
Lady Thor Helmet Wings Smoothing

So the new addition to my routing in the shop is to spend the last few minutes tinkering a bit with this helmet and then adding a coat of primer:
Lady Thor Helmet Filler Progress

Here's how it looked last night:
Lady Thor Helmet Dry Fitted

Which means it looked like this this morning:
Lady Thor Helmet Shiny

Lady Thor Helmet Left Side Shiny

Here's the inside face of the wings with the cutouts that register to the sides of the helmet:
Lady Thor Helmet Wings Gloss Coat

Once that dried, I sprayed the outside faces too:
Ear Wings
I'm not sure why, but this is the first time I've sprayed something with my standard high-gloss pink prototype paint and not had it instantly feel wrong*. Once the paint is dry, I'll flip the wings over and give the outside faces a nice, glossy coat of paint.  Then I'll be ready to start molding all three pieces and make them into something wearable.

Now I just need to resist the urge to dive in all the way on this project and make some shiny ARMORED BOOBS!

I'll probably fail though.  This outfit is pretty darned sexy:
Lady Thor Reference

Stay tuned...

*Historically, I use pink gloss paint for my prototypes for no reason other than to aggravate a certain subset of people.  In this case, those are probably the same people that will already be upset by the creation of a female Thor.  So that's an added bonus.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 2017 UFO Sightings in the Workshop

Well, the time has come once again when I can't help but be embarrassed by how little I've been posting in my blog.

While there's been a ton of progress on countless elements of numerous projects in the shop lately, I don't have a shiny, new, huge thing to brag about just yet.  So once again, I'm forced to share a stack of photos of UnFinished Objects currently in the works.  Enjoy.

First up, I've been making slow and steady progress on the E-22 Blaster Rifle wielded by the Shoretroopers on the planet Scarif in Rogue One:
Overall Progress

Just a bit more smoothing and this beauty will be ready to mold.  But even now it looks pretty nifty:
E22 Test Fit

While I'm having fun tinkering with that, there's still the much more massive T-60 power armor project from Fallout 4.  Here's most of the T-60 Parts piling up:
Full Set of Fiberglass Parts

At this point, all of the fiberglass work is done.  There's just the rubber parts left to prototype.  For now though, I'm concentrating on making a presentable copy of the helmet:
Just a few more greeblies and this sexy beast will be ready to paint.   #carvewrightcnc #T60 #fallout4

In addition to the power armor, I've gone a bit off the deep end of building Fallout props.  Whenever I've got down time on the 3D printers, I've been putting them to work on all sorts of little additions to go along with the big suit.  For example, here's the nearly finished AER7 Laser Rifle:
Fallout Laser Rifle Assembly in Primer

Somewhere in the room, I've also printed out the parts for the Fusion Core, Laser Pistol, 10mm Pistol, Plasma Pistol, and a whole host of other little things Fallout.

Since I need a change of focus, I've got my Carvewright CNC machines started on the parts for the next armor build.  Behold, the rough carved helmet of the Doomguy:
Doom Helmet Assembled with Seams Marked

Also, to thank the Lady Shawnon for putting up with all of my insanity projects, I figured I might as well get started making her very own Thor helmet:
Lady Thor Helmet Rough Left Side
This is just the first piece of the whole, sexy, shiny costume.

More to come as I make progress and find a few minutes here and there to actually write up each of these projects.

Stay tuned...